The latest and greatest technological tools and techniques are available to you at Family Dental Care of Milford. To provide you with the most comfortable and convenient care, your dental team utilizes the latest innovations during your treatment. Learn below about some of the amazing technology we use to help you smile.

PlanScan™ from E4D

Offering the latest and greatest technology means providing you with a quicker, more comfortable dental experience. Nothing exemplifies the Family Dental Care of Milford commitment to that goal like the PlanScan™ system from E4D. This technology allows your dental team to design and fabricate a number of materials to improve your dental health chair-side―from inlays/onlays and crowns to porcelain veneers and more. With the precision and efficiency of PlanScan, you can enjoy your dental restorations in even less time, including same-day crowns!


41,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and your dental team is your first line of defense. With the FDA-approved VELscope® oral cancer screening system, your dentist is provided with a quick, safe, and comfortable way to detect oral cancer when it is the most treatable. Using a safe blue light, and without the aid of stains or rinses, VELscope detects tissue abnormalities in the earliest stages, before they reach the surface and become visible. It takes only five minutes to protect your health. Early detection raises the survival rate of oral cancer to as much as 80%. Ask your Family Dental Care of Milford dentist about this powerful new tool today.


The Biolase® water laser and the Biolase gum laser are two examples of advanced technology that ensures effective, fast treatment for patients like you. Whether you experience the benefits of Biolase technology during treatments for gum disease, cavities, or biopsies, you will smile at the amazing comfort provided by this technology. Lasers are extremely gentle devices that promote faster healing and little-to-no post treatment discomfort. Ask your Family Dental Care of Milford dentist about how Biolase can help provide you with a safe and comfortable patient experience.

Waterlase™ MD

Combining laser energy and water into a dental tool that works without heat, pressure, or vibration, Waterlase™ is a laser-energized spray of water used by your Family Dental Care of Milford dental team for a wide variety of hard and soft tissue procedures, including cavity preparation, removal of decay, and gum re-contouring. Experience less discomfort and require less anesthesia… all while receiving a higher quality of care.

Digital X-rays (Radiographs)

Digital X-rays are a technological advancement that results in less exposure to radiation for you and an almost instantaneous picture for your Family Dental Care of Milford dentist. You’ll appreciate a more comfortable visit, as well as quicker treatment.

Sleep Apnea/Snoring

Do you or your partner snore at night? Beyond being an annoying habit, snoring can be a sign of a more serious condition called sleep apnea. In a patient with sleep apnea, the position of the structures of the mouth obstruct air flow during sleep, causing the patient to snore, and at times, to stop breathing for up to a minute or more at a time. This can affect the quality of sleep for both the patient and their partner, and if left untreated, sleep apnea can be very dangerous. The dentists of Family Dental Care of Milford can help you overcome your sleep apnea. Treatment may include the use of a customized mouthpiece, which comfortably repositions the structures of the mouth, allowing for clear breathing and uninterrupted sleep. If you suffer from snoring, ask a team member about sleep apnea treatment.

Cosmetic Imaging

Envision your new smile before you ever begin treatment―with cosmetic imaging! The dentists of Family Dental Care of Milford use cosmetic imaging to see how your appearance might change with the application of cosmetic dentistry and to assist you in making the best decision for your dental health and overall appearance.

Air Abrasion

Many anxious dental patients have a common fear―the drill. Family Dental Care of Milford offers a variety of dental procedures that can be accomplished with air abrasion, as opposed to a traditional drill. Air abrasion can remove tooth decay with a powerful burst of air, generating no heat, sound, pressure, or vibration. Don’t let a fear of drills keep you from a necessary dental procedure. Ask your Family Dental Care of Milford dentist about how air abrasion can be used in your treatment.

Intraoral Cameras

You can see what your dentist sees thanks to the intraoral camera. Family Dental Care of Milford offers this amazing technology, which allows your dentist to display your teeth on a monitor or iPad. You can follow along as your dentist walks you through your diagnosis and proposed treatment.

Digital Photography

Digital photography provides instant images to use for cosmetic imaging or to keep on file to track your progress. Digital images can be electronically saved and are more efficient than traditional, film-based photographs, which must be taken off-site for development. This is another way the latest technology helps your Family Dental Care of Milford dentist provide you with quick and reliable care.

Sedation Dentistry

You don’t have to fear the dentist! Even anxious patients can feel comfortable at Family Dental Care of Milford because your dental team will do everything in their power to make you comfortable. If you have persistent nervousness about your treatment, Family Dental Care of Milford offers sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide gas―a safe and reliable way to help you relax. Your oral health is important. Don’t let a fear of dental procedures stand in the way of the care you need. Ask a team member how sedation dentistry can help you relax.

New Patient Experience content

You can rejuvenate your smile with restorative treatments at Family Dental Care of Milford. If injury, decay, or years of wear and tear have left you in poor oral health, you can enjoy your healthy smile once again. A comprehensive list of restorative procedures can restore your oral function and get you back to doing the things you love. Ask how your Family Dental Care of Milford team can change your life with restorative care.