Afford Your Care

You should be comfortable at the dentist… not only while receiving treatment, but also while paying for that treatment. Payment options include:

  • Cash or personal checks
  • VISA/MasterCard/Discover
  • 3-, 6-, 12-month, no-interest payment plans, as well as low-interest and extended payment plans through CareCredit®.

Our business team is happy to estimate fees and insurance reimbursement before you begin your recommended treatments, and we will gladly file insurance forms for you. Optimal, comprehensive dentistry is what we practice at Family Dental Care of Milford, and we do not base our treatment on what insurance will or will not pay. The dental team bases their care on what is best for you, and any treatment not paid by insurance is your financial responsibility.

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General Dentistry

Your healthy smile starts with great home care and with regular appointments provided by our qualified team of dental professionals. With routine cleanings and evaluations from your trusted dentist at Family Dental Care of Milford, you can stop most oral health problems before they ever start.

What People Are Saying


“The staff always follows up with me after my visits or after any sort of procedure I need to have done. They seem to be truly concerned about your well being, which is rare in this day and age. ”


“I think Family Dental Care of Milford is fantastic. The whole staff is really professional. My hygientist does a great job and gives me advice on how to be sure I am taking the best care of my teeth. Thank you for the amazing care.”


“Family Dental has always provided wonderful care to myself and my children. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. They provide quality care in a very kind, caring and relaxing environment. I have never felt like I was just another “mouth” for them to take care of or like I was an inconvenience. Always a wonderful experience. Thanks for all you do.”