Certain types of foods can help you achieve a whiter smile. We’ve all heard about what could be staining our teeth such as, coffee, soda, wine and berries, but what about food that can help whiten and remove these pesky stains. The following include foods you can munch on to aid you in achieving that brighter smile:
Citrus Fruits– The acids found in fruits such as oranges and pineapples are effective in teeth whitening. Pineapple contains a certain type of enzyme called bromelain that can also assist in stain removal.
Crunchy Foods– Broccoli, cauliflower, apples and celery work well in teeth whitening, due to the fact that they are high in fiber and can act as a scrub removing plaque. These yummy foods also increase saliva production, which helps keep plaque from forming on your teeth.
Nuts– Eating nuts such as almonds, sesame seeds, cashews and walnuts help produce saliva which in turn washes away bacteria, and like raw vegetables, the texture of nuts acts as a srcrub for your teeth as well.
Strawberries– You would think as bright a strawberries are they would stain, but strawberries contain malic acid which helps break down plaque and remove surface stains.
Mushrooms-Shitake mushrooms to specific, contain a compound that prevents the growth of bacteria that causes tooth decay and discoloration.
All of these great foods will help whiten and protect your pearly whites in the long run, so have that cup of coffee, but don’t forget to eat theses healthy foods to avoid staining.
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